What is WSL?

WSL is short for "Windows Subsystem for Linux", which is a Linux Subsystem from Windows 10. WSL provides developers with a familiar Bash shell and Linux environment in which you can run most Linux command-line tools, directly on Windows, UNMODIFIED, without needing an entire Linux virtual machine.

Why deprecating wslupath?

WSL now have a better wsl path conversion tool wslpath provided by Microsoft that is builtin for all distros. wslupath is still here for compatibility.

When pinned in the taskbar, why the shortcut created by wslusc will have 2 icons?

This is a limitation of WSL and it is expected. when running the shortcut, it will use your Windows X server(X410, VcXsrv, Xming, etc) to create a separate window for displaying the Linux app. Since it is displaying in another app, the window for displaying app will be separated from the original shortcut.

I am unable to update and access.patrickwu.space is not accessible. What happened?

the package has moved to a new location https://pkg.wslutiliti.es/open in new window that do not relies on my personal website. For old users, you should remove the http://access.patrickwu.space entry from /etc/apt/sources.list and readd following the guidelines for Kali Linux and Debian GNU/Linux.

What is the error code returned?

error codedescription
1general error/unknown error.
20input is empty or invalid.
21input is empty.
22input is invalid.
30file do not exist.
31folder do not exist.
32feature not implemented.
33required component do not exist.
34unsupported feature (for a distro)
40Unknown system input.