This is a collection of utilities for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), such as retrieving Windows environment variables or creating your favorite Linux GUI application shortcuts on Windows 10 Desktop.

Requires at least Windows 10 Creators Update; Some of the features requires a higher version of Windows 10; Supports WSL2.



A WSL shortcut creator to create a shortcut on your Windows 10 Desktop.


A WSL system information printer to print out system informations from Windows 10 or WSL.


A WSL screenshot information tool to print information in an elegant way.


A WSL tool to help you get Windows system environment variables.


With alias wview/wslstart/wstart

A fake WSL browser that can help you open link in default Windows browser or open files on Windows.


⚠ Deprecated

A WSL tool to convert path styles.


A set of quick actions for WSL such as quickly mounting all drives or manually sync time between Windows and WSL.

Currently supported Distro

Community Supported Distro

*: Will support in the future.

**: you need to request to using RHEL from Whitewater Foundary and have a license of RHEL of your own.

Legacy Ubuntu is no longer supported.


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License & Credits

This project uses GPLv3 License.

Logo of WSL Utilities and icons for wslusc desktop shortcuts are licensed under CC BY 4.0 International Licenseopen in new window.

The sudo.ps1 (./src/etc/sudo.ps1) used here is a part of psutils made by Luke Sampson. the file is used under MIT License.

Tux logo used here(/src/etc/wsl.ico) was originally made by Larry Ewing in the Gimp and re-illustrated in vector by Garrett LeSage, using Inkscape.

Some of wslfetch ASCII Arts comes from neofetch with MIT License (License B) and screenFetch with GPLv3 License (License C).

Pengwin Logo used in wslfetch ASCII art is ASCII version of the artwork by Dennis D. Bednarz, with use permission from Whitewater Foundry.

WLinux Logo used in wslfetch ASCII art is ASCII version of the artwork by Larry Ewing.