This manual is for package with version <= 1.0.

wslu help

print a simplified help.

wslu version

print current version.

wslu install

install is a minimal package manager for installing special packages. Also, it provide some simple commands to install apps from third-party repositories.


install pulseaudio to provide additional sound playing feature to WSL.


install vcxsrv to provide additional GUI feature to WSL.

[third-party packages] [repository]

install a application with a certain third-party repository.


the minimal screen fetch program inspired by ufetch and ScreenFetch.


system will help print out the system information without any parameters. more options are following:

-B, --build

print Windows build information, for example: Windows 10 Build 16193

-K, --kernel

print WSL kernel info, for example: Linux 4.4.0-43-Microsoft

-R, --release

print WSL system release info, for example: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS

-P, --package

print total installed packages, for example: 1511

shortcut [appname]

shortcut command help you create a shortcut on the Windows 10 Desktop.