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C:\Users\you> wsl
date +%H:%M:%S

cd /data/sites/wslu
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cat ./README

# WSL Utilities

**WSL Utilites** is a collection of utilities for Linux Subsystem for Windows (WSL) that help you get things done easily on WSL.

- [Blog](
- [Package Host](

* Git:
* GitHub: wslutilities
* Email:
* Mastodon:
* IRC: #wslu on
* OpenCollective: wslutilities

cat ./projects/
## wslu
Wiki GitHub Launchpad

**wslu** is a collection of utilities for WSL, such as retriving Windows environment variables or creating your favorite linux GUI application shortcuts on Windows Desktop.

* Requires Windows 10 Creators Update.
* Some of the feature requires higher version of Windows.
* Supports WSL2.

cat ./projects/
## wslpy
Documentation: GitHub

  > wslpy is still in development. the funcion calls will change frequently.

This is a Python3 library for WSL specific tasks, and you can use it to do something amazing on Python.

* Requires Python 3.5+.

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